Change your life in 6 weeks with tapping

Release and let go of stress and anxiety with this simple and transformative technique

How would you feel if stress, anxiety and negative thinking was a thing of the past? Would you like to let go of stress in relation to money, relationships, food habits and physical pain?

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Learn the magic of Tapping.

This 6 week online course has everything you need to learn the magic of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping for yourself.

An ancient Chinese acupressure therapy combined with a modern talking psychology . A forward thinking tool that gets results and works.

Tapping is like acupuncture without the needles. Janine guides you step by step each week through detailed content and videos to support you make huge life changes.

Janine is your expert here to support you. She has helped change the lives of hundreds with this transformative stress management tool. She is at the forefront of leading scientific research, is a published researcher and has a Masters degree in Psychology working at a deeper level with her clients.

When you look in the mirror do you see someone who is regularly burnt out? Suffering with worries, anxieties, stresses and negative thinking?

Do you often wish you had the strength to stick to healthier eating? Or wish you could stop feeling worried about not being able to manage your money and not get into debt while avoiding taking charge of what needs to be done about your finances? Do you feel like you repeatedly pick the wrong man and yearn for successful relationships?

Experience a happier, content and better quality of life.
Let go of stress and anxiety with ease.

Attract your ideal partner or soulmate.
Banish old patterns, no more wrong relationships for you!

Achieve a kick ass money mindset.
Attract all the abundance you desire.

"EFT helped give me the motivation to take back control of my life”

KeithCyber Security Manager

Regain control of your thoughts

  • Let go of long-held unhelpful beliefs
  • Achieve a a positive mindset
  • Experience a life of happiness and success

Achieve success in every area of your life

  • Experience fulfilling relationships
  • Achieve financial abundance
  • Smash personal and professional goals

Create a razor sharp and focused mindset

  • Make decisions with ease
  • Experience clarity and freedom
  • Have a calm and relaxed approach to life

Learn this lifelong tool
that you can use whenever you need.

Allow me to support and guide you week by week. Your life will dramatically shift. I promise you will not look back.

Limited time offer! Regular price £249

100’s of clients have transformed their lives by working with Janine.
Here is what they say:

Crippling anxiety is a thing of the past, thanks to EFT


I have felt so much calmer It has been transformational

GillBusiness Development Manager

EFT has freed me from past trauma

LornaDeputy Head teacher

EFT has changed my life for the better

LucyAccounts Manager

Do you want to join millions of others in transforming your life with this groundbreaking technique?

Experience successful relationships
Attract love into your life
Live a stress free life
Achieve a rich and success mindset
Let go of limiting beliefs around money
Pain is a thing of the past
Limited time offer! Regular price £249

“I can honestly say without a word of exaggeration that by using what you’ve taught me with EFT that you’ve completely changed my life!”

TomSales Executive