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Master Your Stress 


Do you feel your life is particularly busy? Do you regularly suffer with burnout or overwhelm? 

To a certain degree, stress is part of modern life and may be heightened by particular work or life conditions (being a parent, an executive or being in a high-pressure profession, etc)

BUT…there are limits: 

When it gets so bad that it is affecting the quality of your professional or personal life, your health, your relationships, or your happiness, you know it is time to find a solution. Take my free quiz (embed) to find out how stressed you actually are.

If you think you just work in a high-pressure profession or have conditions that cause you to have elevated stress levels, remind yourself that stress actually kills. Is your life worth doing something about it?

You Can Feel Good Again

Long-lasting calm and contentedness is not a luxury but a must. If you don’t get a handle on your stress, it could lead to life-threatening illnesses. You and your loved ones will thank you for taking steps to taking back control over your stress and banishing for good the crippling anxiety holding you back. Feel your best and everyone will see the new version of you.

The Secret Wonders of EFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), commonly known as tapping, was developed by the ancient Chinese thousands of years ago. It will completely transform your life like it did mine, freeing you from old emotions, quickly and easily. Once you learn this technique and experience its benefits, it will be yours for life.

Unfortunately, many solutions on the market are only temporary and wear off after a short time. This causes frustration and may reinforce the belief that you’ll just have to live that way.

The secret is to reprogram your brain to ensure you are the best version of you. Old limiting beliefs keep you stuck on the hamster wheel of old bad behaviours forever. Behind your habits are trapped emotions that could stem from adult or childhood trauma. You may think you’ve let go but your subconscious may still be holding on.


Course Content

  • The background of tapping
  • The science of tapping
  • The science behind how the mind works
  • How stress affects the mind and body
  • How limiting beliefs impact us
  • How to rewire the brain
  • What is the presenting issue
  • How tapping works with a whole host of problems
  • An introduction into what tapping looks like (video 6.15 mins)
  • Diagrams and all materials
  • What to say when you are tapping to get maximum benefit
  • First tapping session together (video 5.25 mins)
  • How to integrate tapping into your daily routine
  • Overcome stress and anxiety with tapping
  • What causes stress and what can we do about it
  • How tapping helps to lower stress
  • Tap with me to relieve stress (Video 6 mins)
  • Creating happy fulfilling relationships
  • Why we get stuck in bad relationships
  • What to do to change this pattern around and make huge changes
  • How to attract an amazing relationship into your life (Video 7 mins)
  • How to let go of baggage from previous relationships
  • Subconscious patterns and programmes from old relationships
  • Achieve financial success and create a money mindset
  • Learn how old beliefs that are keeping you stuck from making shit loads of money
  • How to eradicate all these old patterns and be rich beyond belief
  • Have a kick-ass money mindset (Video 7 mins)
  • Become a money magnet!
  • Your relationship with food and achieve your goal weight
  • Negative messages you received about food and how to successfully manage these
  • Limiting beliefs from childhood that are keeping you stuck and how to let them go
  • Improve your relationship with food (Video 7 mins)
  • Managing food cravings
  • Tapping to eliminate all bad food cravings
  • SMART Goals, what these are, and how to use them for weight loss
  • Weight loss strategies to implement immediately
  • Letting go of physical pain
  • How is physical pain connected to emotion
  • What our childhood patterns or trauma may have to do with this
  • Tapping for how to relieve pain
  • Lower pain immediately (Video 6.22 mins)
  • Achieve pain free living with tapping
  • Congratulatory end-of-course messages!
Janine Mitchell

I turned my life around – my story 

I used to be where you are now. I felt continually stressed. I had very little in the way of confidence, I had no energy and felt very lethargic most of the time.

I’d tried several strategies and had read lots of self help books, to no avail.

Then I was introduced to tapping.

My sleeping drastically improved, as did my relationships, not only with others, but more importantly myself. I had a new found confidence and felt better in mind and body more than ever before.

I found a new passion which aligned with my new confidence. This led to me starting my own business. Now, many years later I incorporate tapping into my life every day, for myself and my clients.

Tapping is not only a technique that gets to the root of issues that cause stress but it’s an amazing self help which immediately reduces stress and anxiety, boosting energy and confidence. What I love is that it’s the best self-help tool. Instantly you feel calm and relaxed, stress and worry just melts away! As a result you feel so much more in control of your thoughts and emotions.

Tapping has allowed me to eradicate old, negative behaviours and ways of thinking. Stress and anxiety is a thing of the past. I am now in charge of my own life and emotions.

This all didn’t take months and years. I experienced change immediately, feeling calmer and more at peace. This has lead to dramatic, life long changes.




Don’t take my word for it, here’s what many others say:


“ I suffered years of crippling anxiety, I can honestly say without a word of exaggeration that by using what you’ve taught me with EFT that you’ve completely changed my life!” 

Tom Bailey, Sales executive 

“I am in complete shock as to how far I have come in the past 3 months, from intense anxiety and fearing leaving the house and death daily to being the happiest and most present that I have ever felt in my life.  You have changed my life and I hope that my words will help you change someone else’s”

Emily Southwell, Partnerships Manager

“Janine is amazing – she is very knowledgeable and experienced in tapping. EFT is fast and effective at clearing blockages that may be preventing progress in your personal and professional life. Janine brings so much energy, passion, and inspiration into her work. Whenever I speak to her, I always come away feeling so much brighter! Don’t take my word for it, go check her out” 

Andrea Goodridge, Leadership Coach

“EFT is so powerful. I can literally feel stress leaving my body when I use it, the science says it all! I cannot recommend Janine enough. After trying different things it was such a relief to finally work with someone and something that worked. I can hand on heart say it’s changed my life”

Danielle, Police Officer

“After experiencing depression and anxiety and being signed off work, with the skills Janine taught me, including EFT, Janine changed my life” 

Keith, Cyber Security 

“Janine is such an inspiration and I can wholeheartedly recommend EFT. We worked on several blockages of mine. I felt completely different in such a short space of time. My perception of my business and my worth changed completely. I went on to book 3 new clients on my top packages. My self-worth issues and imposter syndrome have completely gone”

Aga Mortlock, Business Owner

“I have tried all therapies. EFT with Janine is by far the best. She’s a star and I shout about her to anyone who will listen” 

Jane, Actress

Check out special changes clients have made here:



Mark was experiencing extreme stress and had been signed off work by his GP. He couldn’t cope, his relationships suffered and he was distancing himself from friends. He was drinking most nights and suffered with very poor sleep. After working with me and learning EFT, his life was transformed. His sleep dramatically improved as did his relationships, especially with his partner. He stopped drinking, started exercising more and felt much more calm, centred and grounded. He felt at peace with himself for the first time in years. He returned to work and was taken off all medication by his doctor. His last words when we finished working together “You have changed my life”.


When Sarah first came to see me, she was lacking in confidence and struggling with anxiety. It was affecting her relationships, she was at her wits end meeting the wrong men and falling into the same bad relationship patterns. She had recently met someone but was fearful this relationship would end up like all the others, or that she would self sabotage it, or worse still, that he would leave. She was introduced to tapping. She described it as ‘magic’. We worked at eradicating her old subconscious limiting beliefs and blocks that were holding her back big time. 

A year later Sarah is happier than ever. She and her partner are deeply in love and now engaged! They have recently bought a beautiful house together. She is confident and successful, anxiety is a thing of the past. Most of all she respects and accepts herself and is in a loving, committed relationship.


When Paul first started working with me he was fed up with playing small in his business. He wanted to upscale, make lots more money and attract the right clients. Deep down he didn’t feel good enough and didn’t have the confidence to charge his worth. As a result he had been completely stuck and was attracting the wrong clients.

After introducing Paul to EFT, old limiting beliefs emerged from his past which were leading to self sabotage behaviours. These were unhelpful and were keeping him stuck! We eradicated these quickly and easily, Paul’s confidence and inner self worth soared. His business grew dramatically, his diary went from ticking over to full. He landed dream clients, helped them consistently hit record monthly sales targets. Paul is so thankful for EFT in helping him rid old limiting beliefs which have transformed his money mindset. He has tripled his income in three months and has grown his successful Marketing Agency and has since hired staff.


Joanne was in a complete rut when we first started working together . She had been yoyo dieting for years and had tried so many methods to lose weight, but with no lasting success. She would often comfort eat when she felt stressed. She was at an all time low and lacked any energy or motivation. 

When she was introduced to tapping, Joanne was blown away by how quickly she was able to control food triggers towards her main food weaknesses, chocolate and cake. She stopped eating these foods altogether within days. She also used tapping to help her improve her motivation and to work on other poor lifestyle choices, many of which went back to limiting beliefs that were keeping her stuck. 

Joanne lost 10 pounds in the first month. She no longer binges or comfort eats and is exercising much more. Her motivation has gone through the roof. What’s more, she knows she has tapping as her secret weapon to banish any future food cravings. Her relationship with food has completely changed, she eats a healthy, balanced diet, she has so much zest for life she only ever previously dreamed of.



I Guide You Step by Step, Your World Renowned Expert

With a Master’s Degree in Psychology and two Undergraduate Degrees, with a background in Psychology, I am a fully trained hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and NLP Practitioner. I have conducted groundbreaking research into EFT that has been published by a peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Energy Psychology. There is so much scientific evidence behind this technique, a large body of efficacious studies have been conducted. I am so privileged to be part of your journey.

If You Are Ready to Feel Good Again, Let’s go!

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