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Release and let go of stress and anxiety with this simple and transformative technique.

You are about to discover for yourself how my old struggles with high stress, low mood, anxiety, and attracting the wrong relationships led me to this life-transforming technique.
Tapping/ EFT is truly groundbreaking. It is backed by years of clinical scientific research and is extremely powerful in eliminating stresses you don’t want or need, for good.

After completing this course you will reap these transformational benefits:

  • Let go of all old stresses, habitual behaviors, and familiar ways of thinking.
  • Have bags more energy.
  • Sleep better.
  • Feel in a more calm and relaxed space with more clarity and focus.
  • Anxious, negative, and worrying thoughts become a thing of the past.
  • Let go of old limiting beliefs around money.
  • Attract the relationship you want.
  • Improve your relationship with food, meet your target weight.
  • Have a self-help tool you can use anywhere to lower stress, anxiety, or worry there and then in minutes!
These old behaviors are a thing of the past!

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  • Let go of all old stresses, habitual behaviors, and familiar ways of thinking.
  • Guided videos of how to use EFT to change your life.
  • My support when you need it.
  • Access on mobile or desktop.
  • Full lifetime access.

How Your Life Will Change

Within this self-directed course, I am your expert guide throughout. This course is hands-on from start to finish with lots of step-by-step explainer videos and highly valuable educational and psychological content throughout. You get to totally understand why you do what you do. More importantly, how you can totally change it!

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Do You Relate?

  • How do the stresses of life affect you?
  • Does life get on top of you where you’re feeling overwhelmed and burnout? Do you often lack energy?
  • Do you struggle with day to day stresses and challenges?
  • Find yourself reaching for the wrong foods or feeling out of shape then beat yourself up?
  • Do you regularly experience pain or discomfort and wish there were successful ways to banish it?
  • You often find yourself worrying about money and always wish your finances were in better shape?
  • Do you regularly attract the wrong relationships, ones that don’t offer fulfillment or genuine support?
  • Imagine what life would look like without all these stresses?

I totally get you, I’ve been there

If you’re desperate to make changes, I know exactly how you feel.

I used to be where you are now. I was in a very stressful job, I had no energy and felt very lethargic most of the time. I’d put on weight and lost all my confidence. I had no mojo. A string of bad relationships led me to an abusive marriage I had just come out of which left me feeling in a very bad place. I had zero self-esteem and my confidence was at an all-time low. I was sick of the same old life and repeating the same mistake and patterns over and over.

I’d tried a number of strategies and had read lots of self-help books, to no avail.

Then my life completely changed.

I was introduced to tapping.

It allowed me to eradicate old, negative behaviours and ways of thinking. Stress and anxiety became a thing of the past. I was able to take charge of my own life and emotions for the first time in years! And this all didn’t take months and years. I noticed change immediately. I felt calmer, more at peace. I felt in charge of my life for the first time ever. This lead to dramatic, life long changes.

I tuned my life around.

My sleeping drastically improved, as did my relationships, not only with others, but more importantly myself. I had a new found confidence and felt better in mind and body more than ever before.

I found a new passion which aligned with my new confidence.
This led to me starting my own business. Now, many years later I incorporate tapping into my life every day, for myself and my clients.
Tapping is not only a technique that gets to the root of issues that cause stress but it’s an amazing self help which immediately reduce stress and anxiety, boosting energy and confidence.

Janine Mitchell
With a Masters’s Degree in Psychology and two Undergraduate Degrees, with a background in Psychology, I am a fully trained hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and NLP Practitioner. I have conducted groundbreaking research into EFT that has been published by a peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Energy Psychology. If you would like a copy of this research, get in touch via the ‘contact me’ and I will be happy to send it to you. There is so much scientific evidence behind this technique, a large body of efficacious studies have been conducted. I am so privileged to be part of this.

I had a totally new life! I can help you to transform your life too

Course Content

  • The background of tapping
  • The science of tapping
  • The science behind how the mind works
  • How stress affects the mind and body
  • How limiting beliefs impact us
  • How to rewire the brain
  • What is the presenting issue
  • How tapping works with a whole host of problems
  • An introduction into what tapping looks like (video 6.15 mins)
  • Diagrams and all materials
  • What to say when you are tapping to get maximum benefit
  • First tapping session together (video 5.25 mins)
  • How to integrate tapping into your daily routine
  • Overcome stress and anxiety with tapping
  • What causes stress and what can we do about it
  • How tapping helps to lower stress
  • Tap with me to relieve stress (Video 6 mins)
  • Creating happy fulfilling relationships
  • Why we get stuck in bad relationships
  • What to do to change this pattern around and make huge changes
  • How to attract an amazing relationship into your life (Video 7 mins)
  • How to let go of baggage from previous relationships
  • Subconscious patterns and programmes from old relationships
  • Achieve financial success and create a money mindset
  • Learn how old beliefs that are keeping you stuck from making shit loads of money
  • How to eradicate all these old patterns and be rich beyond belief
  • Have a kick-ass money mindset (Video 7 mins)
  • Become a money magnet!
  • Your relationship with food and achieve your goal weight
  • Negative messages you received about food and how to successfully manage these
  • Limiting beliefs from childhood that are keeping you stuck and how to let them go
  • Improve your relationship with food (Video 7 mins)
  • Managing food cravings
  • Tapping to eliminate all bad food cravings
  • SMART Goals, what these are, and how to use them for weight loss
  • Weight loss strategies to implement immediately
  • Letting go of physical pain
  • How is physical pain connected to emotion
  • What our childhood patterns or trauma may have to do with this
  • Tapping for how to relieve pain
  • Lower pain immediately (Video 6.22 mins)
  • Achieve pain free living with tapping
  • Congratulatory end-of-course messages!


EFT has changed my life for the better


Accounts Manager

EFT has freed me from past trauma


Deputy Head Teacher

I have felt so much calmer It has been transformational


Business Development Manager

Crippling anxiety is a thing of the past, thanks to EFT



“EFT helped give me the motivation to take back control of my life”


Cyber Security Manager

Keith Amoss

“Tapping changes the lives of many people! Freeing them from stress and behaviours that are holding them back. You’ve had the success with me, I’d recommend you to anyone.”

“I can honestly say without a word of exaggeration that by using what you’ve taught me with EFT that you’ve completely changed my life!”

TomSales Executive

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