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Module Four- Achieve Financial Success and Create a Money Mindset

First of all, think about where you are currently in relation to your finances.

Do you have enough money?

Do you feel you earn enough?

Are you good with managing money?

Do you wish you had more?

Are you in any debt?

Do you get into debt easily?

What is your relationship like with money?

What do you think when you think about money?

What’s the first thing that always comes to mind when you think about money?

It’s really good to be clear on these areas. This is where you are.

Now think of where you’d like to be.

Money (or lack of it) and the related mindset is always massive!

If you haven’t got the amount of money you want and desire, or there is never enough to go around, it is extremely likely there are several underlying limiting beliefs attached to money, your relationship with it and how you perceive money.

What about your childhood?

How was your parents’ relationship with money?

What messages did you receive or hear about money?

Remember, this is not your story, it is someone else’s. Yet unwittingly you made it your story with all the messages you received and were bombarded with both consciously and subconsciously.

We take these messages on board at a subconscious level, which can often be internalised. Also, as discussed earlier as we are yet to have developed the conscious or logical part of our brain when we are young, we have no filter, we take everything literally and believe it to be true.

Write a list of what you regularly heard as a child.

What could your limiting beliefs be?

Do any of these strike a chord with you?

Money is hard to come by

Money is the route to all evil

You have to work hard to get money

People like us never have enough money

I can’t afford it

I’ll be happy when I make sone money

You need qualifications to get a good job to earn good money

We never have any money

Money doesn’t come easily

You can’t be spiritual and have money

You can tap through each limiting belief you have attached to money and work through each of them.

Let’s take a common thought: ‘I never have enough money’

[Side note. You may be thinking well I never have enough money anyway, that is my reality. Subconsciously this will be your story, and it has become your reality. It is what you are attracting, at a subconscious level. So what we often do is focus on the lack of money. And guess what? – Bingo! – This is what we attract.]

As you did in week two, it will be helpful to tap through each limiting belief and give each a number to start off with (SUDS) and to keep tapping until you bring it right down. Also notice what else comes up; emotions, feelings, or events.

Note all these down too and be sure to tap on them.

Let’s take this common limiting belief and work through it here.

(KC 3 times) Even though I never have any money, I love and accept myself anyway
Even though I never have any money and worry about it constantly, I love and approve of myself anyway.
Even though I always seem to struggle with money, I chose to accept myself now.

(EB) This lack of money
(SE) I’m always worrying about money
(BE) I never seem to have enough
(UN) It’s never ending, it feels like an ongoing battle
(CP) All this lack of money
(CB) It’s on my mind all the time
(UA) I never seem to have enough money
(TH) I just about seem to make ends meet

Then a round of positives

(EB) What if this is just an old belief?
(SE) What if I could let it go?
(BE) What if it’s just a message I received in my childhood over and over
(UN) Imagine if I could just let go of ‘lack’
(CP) Maybe it’s all made up, perhaps it’s not even real
(CB) Perhaps I learnt these messages a long time ago
(UA) I’m still repeating the same old story, what if I could break the cycle
(TH) What if I could focus on what I have rather than what I haven’t?

Take a deep breath

Now, check in. How are you feeling?

Has anything else come up?

Keep tapping as much as you need to until those numbers come down and you can feel no attachment to them!

Join me in this 7 minute video as we tap together to help you achieve that money mindset!

Our limiting beliefs around money usually big ones and are often deeply ingrained. It might well be that you do more tapping around each belief, or as they come up. This is a self-directed programme, so you can take as much time on this if you need, or to come back to it.

You don’t need to think about rushing it, you can simply break each area down accordingly. Do what’s right for you and also what feels right. Also, perhaps note your journey down in your journal. It’s often really about where you were, where you are and where you are going with these old gnarly beliefs and to make change accordingly.

I also believe there are no coincidences. Notice the wins for example and what money you do attract. As you do, ensure you stay focused on that and be in complete gratitude for all the wins, big and small! Then what you are doing, is you are not only noticing the wins, but you are retraining the brain to actually focus on them and focus on what you have, rather than what you don’t. When you focus on what you don’t have, you are basically attracting more of it.

You ARE that money magnet!