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Module Six – Letting Go of Physical Pain

You might be thinking to yourself how can EFT help you let go of physical pain? That’s what I thought!

There was a section on my training where we learnt all about this and I was baffled to understand how EFT could help with actual physical pain in the body.

As a child, teenager and right through my 20’s I used to get struck down with bad colds regularly. Not any old cold. The ones which were almost flu-like where I literally couldn’t get out of bed for a week and used to spend most of it in recovery or asleep. They would totally wipe me out every time and I used to suffer with them very regularly, around every three months or so. I just thought it was the way it was and that there was nothing I could do to change it. Even though I tried to dose myself up on vitamin C, drink lots of water and eat healthy foods, nothing could seem to stop me getting the stuffing knocked right out of me with these dreaded regular colds.

During my EFT training we learnt a technique called ‘chase the pain’ and our tutor explained that this is how EFT could help with pain. She advised us to get into groups of two in order to practice with our partner. The lady I paired up with explained that she was suffering with a blocked nose and that she wanted to work on that. Already feeling sceptical anyway, for the life of me I thought there was no way tapping could work to help resolve this lady’s cold and blocked nose. We did a couple of rounds of tapping and sure enough the SUDs went right down! I could not believe it! She said she felt much better and later on in the day she said it had gone altogether!

I learnt this technique during my training and I wondered to myself if this would help with all these dreaded colds. Perhaps I could work on the first symptoms that came on, so for example a sore throat. Next time I could feel the start of a cold and those familiar symptoms, I began tapping right away, on the specific feeling and getting right into the sensation of the pain (I will explain this in more detail shortly). It was generally a sore, scratchy throat that I would get, so I worked specifically on that as I tapped. A little bit of the sore throat remained, but within a couple of days and some more tapping it completely went! I truly couldn’t believe it! No lying around in bed all week feeling sorry for myself, with no energy and not being able to get my head off the pillow.

I can honestly say since then I have never suffered a cold badly at all in the way I used to. I seriously couldn’t believe it. I used to suffer with them so terribly, I didn’t think anything could ever shift them. I will still get the odd sore throat when I can feel it coming on, but I start tapping and it never develops fully or lasts as long. How amazing is that!

Why is this? How can something like tapping remove an actual physical pain?

Louise Hay wrote the most incredible book in 1987 called You Can Heal Your Life.

In this book, Louise suggests any physical pain is linked and connected to an emotional pain. She suggests an emotion, trauma or event is actually causing the pain. If you haven’t read it, I would suggest you purchase it for your book collection, its truly groundbreaking.

What did my regular heavy colds have to do with emotional pain or any related connection?

It took me some time to work it out, but when I did, it made complete sense.

Gary Craig, the innovator of EFT says we can experience what are called ‘tail-enders’ connected to some pains or emotions. This is otherwise coined by psychologists as a ‘secondary gain’. This is defined as “any positive advantage that accompanies physical or psychological symptoms”. This means that in a certain way you can actually receive a gain from the pain or emotion (this is often unconscious or under the surface). So how does this relate to my regular colds?

When we are young, we crave physical nurture and attachment as much as we do food, water and sleep. There is an entire branch of psychology that explores it. I’m not saying I didn’t receive any nurturing when I was young, I did. However in our family everyone was busy either with work, or running the home. It was also very rare that we talked about our feelings or were encouraged to talk in this way. We were told as kids ‘children should be seen and not heard’… imprinting this belief that we or our feelings were not worthy of being voiced and ‘adults know best’ etc.

So guess what, when I got sick, I received tons of attention. We require this as children and can crave it on a subconscious level. When we don’t receive it as much as we’d like and then an adult caregiver provides this to the child, they can then feed off this attention. When I was ill as a child and I was receiving attention in a number of ways, all those subsequent times I was ill regularly was my subconscious reason for gaining attention. Stay relaxed, stay in bed, get to watch the TV all day, pander to my every whim, don’t have to go to school. There are numerous benefits on a subconscious level for me to get ill. These are the tail-enders, or secondary gains.

If it is believed that physical pain is connected to an emotion we can work on that specifically.

Also, I want to help you understand what happens if we experience any kind of physical pain, for example as a result of an accident. You might be thinking well that was an accident, so if I’m still in any physical pain as a result of that accident, it stays like that for as long as it has to. Not with the power of EFT!

When you had that accident, the area in your body that experienced that physical pain will have experienced some kind of physical shock. As the pain continues long after the accident, the actual shock that the body suffered is still trapped within the body. So our body literally continues to hold onto the shock as it is suggested it is physically trapped in this area. This can be removed or eliminated with EFT using a technique called ‘chase the pain’.

This is because when we start working on the actual pain it can begin to move around as we tap on it, and this is completely normal.

When we use this technique, the more specific we can be with the exact area of the pain and also be specific with the exact sensation of the pain, the better. You need to be very specific on the exact area. So rather than right shoulder, it may be lower part or right shoulder. The more specific and detailed you can get with this technique, the better. Equally, the more precise and exact you can get with the actual sensation of the pain the better. Is it a dull ache, or throbbing pain? Is it a sharp, shooting pain? Be very very specific with how it is feeling to you, or it may even have a certain word that more specifically describes the actual pain. Or you may even see it as a colour or shape of some kind. Whatever resonates with you.

As always, give the pain a SUDs before you start so you can keep a check on how much this reduces by the end of the tapping sequence.

Here is a tapping sequence on how to use chase the pain and you can also see more in the video.

(KC 3 times) Even though I have this [specific feeling] pain in my [area], I choose to deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway
Even though I am experiencing this [specific] pain in [area], I completely accept and honour myself anyway
Even though this pain is really sore and it might have been around for a long time, I chose to completely accept myself anyway. And what if I could accept my [part of body where the pain is] as well, just for now, to help me let it go

(EB) This pain in my [part of body]
(SE) This [feeling] that this pain is causing
(BE) This pain in my [part of body] has been around for a long time, its at a [SUDs]
(BN) This [feeling] has been so bad, it’s really getting me down
(CP) I can’t stop focusing and thinking about this pain in my [part of body]
(CB) It’s so sore I wish it would go away
(UA) This pain in my [part of body] it’s at an [SUD’s]
(TH) This awful [feeling] in my [part of body]

(EB) I just wish I could let it go
(SE) What if I could let it go?
(UE) I don’t want to hold onto this pain anymore
(UN) It’s been around for a long time
(CP) I keep thinking about it but I want to be open to letting go of this pain [type/ specific]
(CB) Even though it might have been around for a long time, I just want to be open to letting it go
(TH) What if I could let go this pain all the way back through my past

Take a nice deep breath. Then check back in with the pain.

Is it still the same intensity or has it gone down?

Has it moved at all?

Has the type of pain or the sensation of the pain changed?

It will be very likely that it will have moved or shifted round.

This a good sign and it means that you are working on the pain that’s there. Equally, if it doesn’t move, don’t worry, it’s completely fine. If the position of the pain has moved, even if it’s very slightly, or the sensation of the pain has moved in any way, then you need to focus on this for the next round of tapping. Notice where the SUDs has reduced to as well in terms of the intensity of the pain. Continue with rounds of tapping until you bring the intensity and the SUDs right down.


Join me in this 5 minute video where we can tap to help you lower pain

It is usual with tapping to experience tiredness, or release of energy by way of yawns.

This is completely normal.

If you have been struggling with pain for some time, or been holding onto this in an area of your body, you will have likely been using up a lot of energy on this. So this is all perfectly usual when we tap.

If you experience any tiredness, just go with it. It means you are releasing all the trapped energy connected to the pain. It is a good thing. Remember to rest up if you need to and to ensure, like always while you are tapping to drink lots of water. Things continue to process even after you have stopped the tapping, so it’s likely you will experience feelings and / or tiredness after. Just go with however you are feeling, don’t force anything and ensure you take time out as well.

With pain, it is also helpful to ask or understand what was happening at the time the pain started.

If you have been suffering for a long time, think right back to when you first experienced the pain.

What was going on in your life at the time?

Where you experiencing any difficultly?

Where you going through a hard time or any trauma at all?

What emotion do you feel when you think of this pain?

Get right into what was happening at the time as this can often be linked or connected to the continued time and you may need to work on this, or tap though it to release the issues connected to the pain that you continue to suffer with.

Also have a think about who you would be without this pain, and how is it impeding you moving forward?

It’s always really important to tune into your body when experiencing pain as well.

You might want to ask yourself some questions like what is this pain all about?

What is my body trying to tell me?

It may be a good idea to write as much down in your notebook. All the issues, feelings and sensations in relation to the pain and everything we have looked at to really allow those answers to flow once you write everything down. Then you can actually break everything down and start tapping on it all.

To achieve pain free living is the goal with EFT! It can be done!

Remember however, the pain may have been around for a long time, so this may take some time to work though. Remember, this course is self-directed learning so take as much time as you need, break everything down and go through tapping routines as much as you need.

Good luck, and keep going!

A massive congratulations for completing the course – join me in the next section where I’ll congratulate you properly!