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Module Two – Overcome stress anxiety and overwhelm

Stress and overwhelm can hugely affect us in many areas of our life. Even though we have so much at our fingertips in the modern world in order allegedly reduce stress, such as the internet, computers, cars etc. We live in a society where stress is more prevalent than ever!


We are often living by the hormones of stress. Although we have evolved over many thousands of years, our evolutional brain hasn’t quite caught up with us. We are very often in fight or flight. Especially as we meet the demands of the modern world, wanting and needing everything to be instantaneous and at our finger tips.

This is connected with the thought process. We are chemically addicted to stress. Too much stress in our lives can lead to a wealth of health complaints. We are at risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes, mental health problems.

Let’s take a little look into why this is. We think around 60,000 thoughts a day. The majority of our thoughts are negative, around 85-90%.

This is not our fault.

We are hard wired to search for the negative. This is to keep us safe, it is for our survival.

Of course, we are not generally going to be faced with real danger in the form of a saber tooth tiger, however our body still reacts this way. We feed off negativity. Think of the news – negative. Open a newspaper – negative. When there is a crash on the motorway, every single one of the motorists on the other side slow down to rubber neck to have a look. It’s easier to look for the negative than the positive. Think of all the negative traits you could list about yourself. Have a think about the positive ones, it can feel really hard to do, right?

While most of our thoughts are negative, the majority are also from the day before, again around 85-90%! So to put it into context, we are thinking the same negative thoughts over and over. Most of these are in the subconscious part of the brain. If you think and list all the thoughts you have had throughout the day, you would probably struggle to get up to 50? These are simply our conscious thoughts.

What does this have to do with stress?

Every time we have a thought, a chemical is released in the brain. A positive, or happy thought will release the corresponding chemical: happy hormones such as endorphins, dopamine or oxytocin. Incidentally, a 20 second hug releases a ton of oxytocin, known as the cuddle hormone!

Negative thoughts however release hormones such as adrenaline or cortisol. Once the hormone is released it doesn’t simply stay in the brain, it travels down the spinal cord into the body. Think about that: one negative thought out of all those thousands every day.

This then creates a feeling (in the body) and once we notice, it another negative thought is created, as we think about how we feel.

If we think about all those negative thoughts that create the corresponding hormone, our bodies are literally flooded with stress hormones (given all those negative thoughts we have). We have become addicted. Imagine a drug addict trying to come off drugs, this can be an extremely difficult process.

If we become addicted to these hormones, which are literally flooding our body, think what this can do to our bodies. It can lead to ill physical health and ill mental health. The benefit of tapping, because it has been measured, when we start tapping on the meridian points, cortisol is reduced! So it is a perfect tool for helping lower stress and to be in a calm, more relaxed state.

Here’s how you can utilise tapping yourself to manage stress and overwhelm.

Think about what might be causing the stress. It might be a particular situation, it might be a certain person, it may be work.

Here are some basic tapping rounds you can use to manage stress and overwhelm


(KC 3 times) Even though I feel so stressed, I chose to love and accept myself anyway

Even though I am feeling so stressed out, it feels like a pattern and its never ending, I decide to accept this situation now

Even though I am feeling completely overwhelmed and I don’t know what to do about it, I decide to love and accept me now.

(EB) All this stress

(SE) This stress is too much

(UE) It’s causing so many worries and anxieties in my life

(UN) I’m having trouble sleeping

(CP) It’s all just so stressful

(CB) It’s taking over my life

(UA) All this stress

(TH) I don’t know what to do about it



Then do another round, this time, use positive statements.

(EB) I choose to let go some of this stress

(SE) I don’t want to hold on anymore

(UE) I let go all this stress and overwhelm

(UN) I simply want to let go, all the way back through my past

(CP) Instead, I chose to feel calm and relaxed

(CB) I feel relaxed and free, in a place of relax and calm

(UA) I simply decide to release and let go

(TH) I choose to let go, perhaps I don’t need to hold on anymore


Check in again with how you are feeling. Rate your SUDs level and notice where the number is at.

Repeat this tapping sequence as and when necessary, to bring this number right down.


Join me in this 6 minute video and tap along with me to relieve stress and anxiety

We go into more detail and depth about stress and how we can better manage it.

Now check in with how you feel (rate on SUDs) and repeat as and when necessary to get that number right down. Also notice if anything further comes up, or any additional events or memories, either make a note of them in your pad or spend some time tapping on the emotion (or feeling) attached to what has come up.

Brilliant news, you are at the end of week two!


Check in with how you are feeling.

Are you feeling in a better space?

Are you feeling more calm and relaxed?

Are you able to focus more, or have more clarity?

It’s always good to check in with how you are feeling and give yourself time to reflect.

We don’t spend enough time doing so!